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15 SEO Tips to Improve Organic Rankings and Traffic for Any Website

If you want to grow your business online then you must know the importance of search engine optimization first, because because of it you can get free organic traffic for the long term. Below we have mentioned some of the most important seo tips to improve organic rankings for your website. After creating a website, if you don’t do proper SEO for your website then it is more likely that your website will not get a good amount of organic and visitors, which will result in less traffic and less business.

1. Website Structure: While creating a website, you should keep in mind that the website structure should be seo friendly. A website should be user friendly, easy to navigate, good and attractive, interactive and no page should be more than three clicks away from the home page. Website should not be heavy, it should load very quickly, and its core web vitals must be optimized. You should always discuss with your web developer company regarding all these factors before creating your website.

2. Keyword Research: After creating the website your second priority should be proper keyword research. You should research keywords according to your products and services. In starting you should focus on less competitive keywords to target. While selecting the keywords, you should also check the keywords intent. For more keywords ideas you can take help of any good keywords research tool, google, or your competitors websites.

3. Proper Categorization: After keywords research please make sure that you categorize your products properly and avoid duplicacy. Create category pages and pur similar products in their respective categories. For example if you have lots of leather shoes for men then you can make a category with the name “Mens Leather Shoes”, and then put all mens leather shoes of different colors & styles in this category. This way you will avoid duplicacy and your website navigation will be more user friendly.

4. SEO Friendly URL: While creating URLs of different categories and products, make sure you use keywords in the URL, use keywords in small cases without space separated with hyphens(-) only. Also make sure that your URL length is not more than 120 characters.

5. Proper Image Optimization: While choosing images, I will suggest you to use fresh images, if fresh images are not available then you can use some free image sites to take the images from. After downloading the images please rename them using the all keywords which describe the image fully. Also make sure that image size should not be more than 100 KB, and don’t forget to use alt text, title text in the images.

6. Content Optimization: While adding content to the pages whether in product page, category page or blog posts, please make sure that you write uniq, fresh & useful content following all Google’s guidelines. Always remember you are writing the content for users who will visit your website, so please add real and useful content with accurate facts.

7. Internal Linking: Proper internal linking is also one of the important parts of search engine optimization, so do not ignore this part. Link your website internally with the help of proper navigation bar, header and footer. You can also take links from the content of the other pages of your website. If you are adding blog posts then use internal links from the content of the post.

8. Blog Optimization: I will suggest you to update your blog regularly with useful content. A regularly updated blog would help in getting more traffic to your website. Managing a proper blog also helps in improving your seo in many ways.

9. Mobile Responsive Design: While creating your website, please make sure that your website is mobile responsive. A mobile responsive design is very important from the seo point of view. As more and more users are switching to mobile devices, it is very important to optimize your website for mobile and tablet devices.

10. Meta Tags Optimization: Meta tags are also one of the important part of the seo process, thus you should optimize your meta tags properly. Use your main keywords in the meta title and meta description. Keep the meta title and description precise and descriptive while keeping the length under the limit. Keep meta title up to 60 characters and description up to 160 characters. 

11. Headings Optimization: Headings play an important role in making the website user friendly, attractive and seo friendly. You can use various headings (H1 to H6) in your website using main keywords. Although you can use H headings many times in a single page, but do not use H1 heading more than once in any page.

12. Avoid Black Hat Techniques: Never ever use black hat techniques to optimize your website for search engines. Black hat techniques can get you good ranking results for your website in short time but for long term it is not good for your website, as your website can be penalized any time by Google or any other search engines. So I will recommend you to always use white hat techniques. There are many SEO agencies and freelancers who use black hat techniques to bring instant results for their clients. Thus always ask your freelancer or seo agency not to use black hat techniques on your website.
13. Technical SEO: Many people and even some seo professionals do not give more attention to technical SEO which is not good. Technical SEO is also as important as other SEO factors. I will always suggest you to improve your technical SEO like canonicalization, robots.txt, xml sitemaps, search console errors, no index issue, broken links, crawling errors, etc. If you are not expert in technical seo then you can also take help of any professional seo service provider in resolving all technical SEO issues.

14. Adhere to Google’s Guidelines: While implementing all SEO strategies always make sure that you follow all guidelines of Google and other search engines. Not adhering to the guidelines, your website can be penalized and all rankings from the search engines can be removed, resulting in almost zero organic traffic to your website. Before implementing any seo strategy, I will recommend you to read all such guidelines carefully.

15. Backlinks Creation: Backlinks also play a very important role in increasing your website domain authority and rankings in search engines including Google. But backlinks should be made naturally not un naturally. I will suggest you not to buy backlinks from any backlink seller or any private blog network. Instead of buying backlinks, earn links naturally by creating highly useful content so that other users link to your website naturally. 
So the above are some of the seo tips to improve organic rankings for your website. If you are taking seo services from any professional digital marketing service provider, then discuss all the seo strategies with them before taking their SEO services.